Database connections

Moon Modeler allows you to visualize existing relational and noSQL databases. You can connect to your locally running or cloud database, for example solutions running in MongoDB Atlas, Cosmos DB, AWS Amazon DocumentDB or Heroku Postgres. To manage your database connections, click the Connections button on the main toolbar.

Connections - main toolbar

Creating a new database connection

Click the button Create a new connection to open a modal form. Select the database platform, enter the connection name and connection details.

Connection to MongoDB Atlas database

The settings are specific to each database platform. Below you can see the options on the Authentication tab. These are available for connecting to the MongoDB database.

Authentication in MongoDB Atlas

If you want to list all available databases, go back to tab Server and click Load databases.

Connection to MongoDB Atlas database

Secure SSH or SSL/TLS database connections

The settings allow you to create a secure connection to your databases. SSH, SSL/TLS settings are available in the Professional edition of Moon Modeler.

Compare editions

Other database connection settings

Here is a sample setup for MongoDB, where you can choose whether the structure is read from the validator or from the data.

Load MongoDB schema

Also for relational databases it is possible to infer the data structure and visualize nested JSON.

infer JSON

Loading existing database structures

After saving your connection, execute the reverse engineering by clicking the Connect and load existing database structure button.

Execution of MongoDB reverse engineering for visualization of existing database structures

Making copies of database connections

In case you want to visualize another database on the same server, it is easier to create a copy of an existing connection and just change the database name. In this case, click Duplicate in the bottom right corner.


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