Heroku Postgres and ER diagrams

How to create ER diagram of PostgreSQL database running in Heroku? With Moon Modeler, the process is simple. Just create a database connection, retrieve the information from Heroku Postgres and create a project containing the ER diagram. But let’s start one step at a time.

What is Heroku and Heroku Postgres?

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Database connections

Moon Modeler allows you to visualize existing relational and noSQL databases. You can connect to your locally running or cloud database, for example solutions running in MongoDB Atlas, Cosmos DB, or Heroku Postgres. To manage your database connections, click the Connections button on the main toolbar.

Connections - main toolbar

Creating a new database connection

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How to connect to MongoDB Atlas?

Read how to create a connection to your MongoDB Atlas cluster, connect to the MongoDB database, and visualize your data structure in form of an ER Diagram.

You can create a new connection to MongoDB databases easily. (The process is described step by step in our documentation.) A quick summary follows:

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