Meteor Modeler

Visual ORM design tool

Sequelize diagram
sequelize model

Sequelize modeling

  • Manage Sequelize structures in Projects
  • Create Sequelize models graphically
  • Specify fields, keys and indexes
  • Define model and fields specifics
  • Draw BelongsTo, BelongsToMany, HasOne and HasMany associations.

Diagram enhancements

  • Colorize models
  • Add notes in HTML format, include pictures
  • Configure Default values for new models
  • Add UUID fields to new models automatically
  • Display metadata, sample data or descriptions
sequelize ui
sequelize script

code generation

  • Generate ORM scripts for single model or project
  • Generate module scripts with Associations code
  • Save sequelize scripts to separete files
  • Edit properties in side panel or in modals
  • Add custom code to BEFORE and AFTER sections

UI & Themes

  • Always sharp vector based graphics
  • Switch between LIGHT and DARK themes
  • Use UNDO and revert changes comfortably
  • Toggle basic/advanced line mode
  • Show or hide side panels to maximize diagram area
  • Zoom in, zoom out and reset UI zoom
sequelize ui themes


Windows installer

Version: 1.6.0
File size: 62MB
Requirements: Windows 7/8/10
Trial version: Expires 14 days after installation
Freeware version is limited to 5 objects in a project.

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