Conversion from MongoDB to Mongoose

How to convert a MongoDB project to Mongoose

In Moon Modeler, you can create a project for MongoDB from scratch or by loading a structure from an existing database. In both cases, the project will be for MongoDB.

If you are interested in generating Mongoose scripts for your database structure, you can convert your project from MongoDB to Mongoose.… Read the rest

SSH or SSL/TLS database connections

In Luna Modeler and Moon ModelerProfessional editions, you can create both basic database connections and secure SSH/SSL/TLS database connections. To learn how to create a new database connection, see Database connections.

To create a secure connection, just set the options on the SSH and SSL/TLS tabs:

SSH settings

SSH settings

SSL/TLS settings

SSL or TLS settings

Once you create this type of connection, the item will be highlighted in green in the list of connections, so you can easily distinguish a secure connection from a classic connection.… Read the rest

AWS Amazon DocumentDB

In this article, we will explain how to connect to AWS Amazon DocumentDB in Moon Modeler and how to automatically create a diagram of an existing database.

What is AWS DocumentDB?

Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) is a fast, scalable, highly available, and fully managed document database service that supports MongoDB workloads.… Read the rest

MongoDB schema design

Quick start guide for MongoDB schema design in Moon Modeler.

How to get started with MongoDB schema design?

The following text explains how to design a new database structure for MongoDB.

1. Create a new Project

To create a new project in Moon Modeler click the New item on the toolbar.… Read the rest

MongoDB indexes

MongoDB indexes

When you create a new index for MongoDB collection in Moon Modeler, the Index Assistant window will appear.

adding index to mongoDB

Indexes can be defined easily. Just select the fields, either from the drop down element:

index creation for MongoDB

or by typing the field name directly. The auto-completion feature is available for you.

Click the Add button to insert the field to the index.… Read the rest

MongoDB – ER diagram & graphics

Settings for graphics can be defined on three levels in Moon Modeler. On a project level, diagram level and on a selected object level.

Colors and graphics defined on the project level

If you wish to change the footer color (e.g. for easier recognition of the project you currently work with), click the ER diagram area to make sure no object is selected.… Read the rest

NoSQL data modeling

Data modeling is the process of visually creating a graphical representation of a system or database. In the case of relational databases, we can mention the creation of entity-relational diagrams in which entities, attributes and relationships between entities are displayed. (Read more information about ER diagrams).

Advantages of data modeling

  • Fewer design and development errors
  • Easy and fast design, especially in the early stages of development
  • Better communication between team members
  • Time saving
  • Lower development costs
  • and many others

MongoDB schema design and noSQL database modeling

But what is the advantage of data modeling when we talk about noSQL databases?… Read the rest

Compare editions – Moon Modeler

Moon Modeler is available in two editions, Basic and Professional.

Moon Modeler FeaturesBasicProfessional
Supported platforms
MongoDBYes Yes
Mongoose Yes Yes
Data modeling
ER diagrams and visual schema design Yes Yes
Support for platform specific objects Yes Yes
Default values for a project Yes Yes
Custom data types for a project Yes Yes
User interface
Dark and light theme Yes Yes
Custom colors for items on ER diagrams Yes Yes
Undo Yes Yes
Find an object Yes Yes
Objects filtering Yes Yes
Automatic object resizing, lock dimensions Yes Yes
Multiple objects alignment and resizing Yes Yes
Multiple line modes Yes Yes
Multiple display modes Yes Yes
Autolayouts Yes Yes
Zoom Yes Yes
Subdiagrams for objects in a subject area Yes
Subdiagram creation for schema/database Yes
Code generating
Generating project script Yes Yes
Generating subdiagram script Yes
Export to PDF Yes Yes
Export subdiagram to PDF Yes
Interactive HTML reports Yes
Multiple styles for HTML reports Yes
Visualization of existing structures
Basic database connections & reverse engineering (RE) Yes Yes
Secure SSH connection & reverse engineering Yes
Secure SSL/TLS connection & reverse engineering Yes
Other features
Conversion from MongoDB to MongooseYes
Multiple instances (Open in a new window)Yes
List price99 USD169 USD

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Database connections

To manage your database connections, click the Connections button on the main toolbar.

Connections - main toolbar

Creating a new database connection

Click the button Create a new connection to open a modal form. Select the database platform, enter the connection name and connection details.

The settings are specific to each supported platform.

If you want to list all available databases, go back to tab Server and click Load databases.… Read the rest

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