Database reporting

Creation of HTML reports for your data models

Note: The database reporting and HTML report creation is available only in the Professional edition of Moon Modeler

Key benefits of the generated HTML reports

  • HTML and SVG format – high quality format of the graphics and lines.
  • Interactive diagrams – click on any item in the diagram to open the detail.
  • Searchable pages – click on an object type in the main toolbar to display a list of all objects and use the Search field to filter the items. Then click on an item on the left side to display details instead of all objects.
  • Easy-to-view – no server required, reports work perfectly in the local environment. Click on the index.html file to view the report. It’s that simple.
  • Easy-to-share – zip the report and send it to a colleague, or upload the report to your server and then embed the files on your favorite site using the IFRAME tag.

How to create a data model report in Moon Modeler – data modeling and database reporting tool

To craete a new report, open your project and click on the Report button on the main toolbar

Database reporting - export to HTML

Select the report style

Style selection

Select the target folder and generate the report.

Example of generated report:

You can view the full report at:

How to add the generated report to other sites?

Use the iframe tag. Example of a report added to a page in the Atlassian Confluence:

Generated report added to Atlassian Confluence


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