Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering means retrieving information about the database structure. It is about finding out what objects exist in the database, such as tables, columns, views, procedures, etc., and what relationships exist between these objects. Based on this information, it is possible to draw an ER diagram in which the relationships can be clearly displayed.

To create an ER diagram of an existing database, it is necessary to connect to the database and retrieve this information.

Using an existing database connection

If you have already created a database connection, select it and click Connect and load existing database structure. This will start a process that will result in a new project with an ER diagram.

Execution of MongoDB reverse engineering for visualization of existing database structures

This option is available for the following relational and noSQL databases:

  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • MariaDB
  • MySQL

Import from files

This feature is available for

  • SQLite and
  • GraphQL.

Connection to SQLite database is not classic, so you will not find the option of this database in the connections section. To visualize an existing SQLite database structure, go to the Projects section and import SQLite from a file.

Import file - SQLite

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