Projects in Moon Modeler

You can save your database structures and schema designs in Moon Modeler into projects.

On the project overview page, you can search projects by name or platform, quickly find the platform for which the project was created, and also view examples on a separate tab.

Projects created in Moon Modeler.

What does the Project contain?

  • List of all objects that exist in the structure
  • Main diagram, in which certain objects can be shown or hidden
  • Additional subdiagrams that are used to visualize a specific group of objects

Creating projects

  • You can create a completely new project and start creating a database design or schema design from scratch
  • It is also possible to load an existing project from a file or from a URL.
  • For MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB, you can create a new project by reverse engineering from an existing database.
  • For SQLite and GraphQL, you can create a new project by importing from a file.

New project

To create a completely new project, go to the Projects page and click on New project, or click on the New button on the main toolbar. A new dialog will appear. Select the target platform, enter a project name, and then click Create new project.

New project - Moon Modeler - data modeling tool

Open an existing project from a file

This is the classic way to open a project from an existing file. Just select the file with the *.dmm extension.

Loading a project from a URL

This option is useful, for example, in a tutorial where the author of the project shares the URL where the database design is stored. Students can then open the file, modify it and save a copy of it on their computer. To load the project from the URL, click Open from URL on the Projects page. Type the URL and click Open.

Open from URL

Creating a new database connection and reverse engineering

Moon Modeler allows you to create new projects and ER diagrams from existing database structures. To visualize existing databases, you must create a database connection. Click on the Connections button on the main toolbar and then click on the Create new connection button.
Select the target platform and set the options for the database connection. Save everything using the Save connection button.

Then click Connect and load existing database structure.

Connection and reverse engineering

Import from file

Using import from file you can create a project for SQLite and GraphQL. Just select the file with the correct extension and import the structure into Moon Modeler. The result will be a new project with a diagram.

Project properties

For projects it is possible to set important options, e.g. default values for new objects, custom data types and for relational databases also the way the resulting SQL script will be generated.

Click the Edit icon or double-click the project name in the tree on the left. This will open a modal window where you can set the necessary options.

Project properties

Below you can see the settings for the MariaDB project.

Default values

default values

Generation settings

generation settings for SQL script


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