About Luna Modeler

Luna Modeler is a data modeling tool for relational databases – SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL and SQLite.

Key features

  • visual creation of ER diagrams for relational databases
  • support for database specifics (like composite types in PostgreSQL etc.)
  • easy-to-use user interface
  • various display modes
  • forward engineering & code generation
  • reverse engineering (for SQL Server, MariaDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL)
  • secure SSL/TLS connections to cloud based solution like Heroku Postgres etc.
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GraphQL schema - starwars

How to make a diagram of your GraphQL schema

Several tools can be used to visualize existing GraphQL schemas. Some of them allow you to browse the structure in the form of a hierarchical tree. Galaxy Modeler, on the other hand, offers the ability to visually model new GraphQL schemas and also automatically create diagrams from existing sources.

GraphQL data modeling

Before we show how to make a diagram of your GraphQL schema, let’s take a look at how to easily create a brand new GraphQL schema diagram.… Read the rest

Importing a GraphQL schema from a file

In this section we will look at the ability to import a GraphQL schema from a file.

In the demonstration we will use the StarWars schema. If you want to try the procedure, save the file from the page: https://github.com/graphql/swapi-graphql/blob/master/schema.graphql

Import from file

To load an existing GraphQL schema, go to the Projects section and click the Import file button.… Read the rest

MongoDB indexes

MongoDB indexes

When you create a new index for MongoDB collection in Moon Modeler, the Index Assistant window will appear.

adding index to mongoDB

Indexes can be defined easily. Just select the fields, either from the drop down element:

index creation for MongoDB

or by typing the field name directly. The auto-completion feature is available for you.

Click the Add button to insert the field to the index.… Read the rest

MongoDB – ER diagram & graphics

Settings for graphics can be defined on three levels in Moon Modeler. On a project level, diagram level and on a selected object level.

Colors and graphics defined on the project level

If you wish to change the footer color (e.g. for easier recognition of the project you currently work with), click the ER diagram area to make sure no object is selected.… Read the rest

NoSQL data modeling

Data modeling is the process of visually creating a graphical representation of a system or database. In the case of relational databases, we can mention the creation of entity-relational diagrams in which entities, attributes and relationships between entities are displayed. (Read more information about ER diagrams).

Advantages of data modeling

  • Fewer design and development errors
  • Easy and fast design, especially in the early stages of development
  • Better communication between team members
  • Time saving
  • Lower development costs
  • and many others

MongoDB schema design and noSQL database modeling

But what is the advantage of data modeling when we talk about noSQL databases?… Read the rest

Generated SQL script

Forward engineering

When it comes to forward engineering in Moon Modeler, it’s about generating the resulting script for the selected target platform.

In the case of relational databases such as PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL or SQLite, it is the resulting SQL script. For MongoDB it is possible to generate a schema validation script and for platforms like Mongoose or GraphQL it is schema definition scripts.… Read the rest


You can save your database structures and schema designs into projects.

On the project overview page, you can search projects by name or platform, quickly find the platform for which the project was created, and also view examples on a separate tab.

list of projects

What does the Project contain?

  • List of all objects that exist in the structure
  • Main diagram, in which certain objects can be shown or hidden
  • Additional subdiagrams that are used to visualize a specific group of objects

Creating projects

  • You can create a completely new project and start creating a database design or schema design from scratch
  • It is also possible to load an existing project from a file or from a URL.
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