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Luna Modeler is available in two editions, Basic and Professional.

Luna Modeler FeaturesBasicProfessional
Supported platforms
SQL ServerYesYes
PostgreSQL Yes Yes
MariaDB Yes Yes
MySQL Yes Yes
SQLite Yes Yes
Logical modelYesYes
Data modeling
ER diagrams and visual schema design Yes Yes
Support for platform specific objects Yes Yes
Automatic creation of foreign keys Yes Yes
Default values for a project Yes Yes
Data type aliases Yes Yes
User interface
Dark and light theme Yes Yes
Custom colors for items on ER diagrams Yes Yes
Undo Yes Yes
Find an object Yes Yes
Objects filtering Yes Yes
Automatic object resizing, lock dimensions Yes Yes
Multiple objects alignment and resizing Yes Yes
Multiple line modes Yes Yes
Multiple display modes Yes Yes
Optional display of database/schema name Yes Yes
Optional display of estimated size Yes Yes
Optional display of relationship captions Yes Yes
Autolayouts Yes Yes
Zoom Yes Yes
Subject areasYesYes
Subdiagrams for selected objects | video Yes
Subdiagram creation for schema/database | video Yes
Code generating
Generating project script Yes Yes
Generating subdiagram script | video Yes
Settings for output formatting Yes Yes
Order items Yes Yes
Export to PDF Yes Yes
Export subdiagram to PDF Yes
Interactive HTML reports Yes
Multiple styles for HTML reports Yes
Visualization of existing structures
Basic database connections & reverse engineering (RE) Yes Yes
Secure SSH connection & reverse engineering Yes
Secure SSL/TLS connection & reverse engineering Yes
Import from SQLite files Yes Yes
Conversion to other project typeYes
Conversion from Logical model to PhysicalYes
Conversion data type mappingsYes
Project update | videoYes
Comparison reports | videoYes
Other features
Multiple instances (Open in a new window)Yes
List price99 USD189 USD

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