Your projects & your data

You are in full control of your data

Our tools do not store any information regarding your projects, connections or diagrams in the cloud. Everything you create and store stays with you.


You choose where to store each, of your projects. Our tools automatically create and update a list of your projects so that you have an easy way to reopen them.… Read the rest

What’s new in versions 6

Luna Modeler

Support for SQL Server – Luna Modeler version 6 contains significant improvements that will be appreciated by all our users. We know from your feedback that you missed SQL Server database support the most. We are happy to announce the addition of SQL Server support!

ERD - SQL server

Comparison reports – Many of you are interested in using advanced features such as project comparison, synchronization, etc.… Read the rest

What’s new in versions 5.2

We focused on the possibility of exporting to PDF. Since all our applications contained two basic themes, dark and light, it was possible to use the visualization in that theme to export to PDF. In case you wanted to print the PDF document afterwards, the dark theme was print intensive and the light theme had an extra background color or less visible edges of graphic objects.… Read the rest

What’s new in versions 5.1

Luna Modeler

We are pleased to introduce a new version of Luna Modeler, which includes the first of many advanced functionalities. The Project Update feature is here!

Project update

You can now compare your project to the structure that is in the database and easily update your project. See what objects no longer exist in the database, what objects have been added to the database, and what objects are different.… Read the rest

What’s new in versions 5

We are pleased to announce the release of new versions of our products! We’ve added new features, fixed known bugs and focused on better UI/UX. Let’s take a look at the main changes.

  1. Adding referenced objects to sub-diagrams
  2. Modeling of hierarchies in Moon Modeler
  3. Text notes
  4. Product line changes

1. Adding referenced objects to sub-diagrams

This feature is designed to make it easier to work with larger projects and is available in Professional editions.… Read the rest

Installing AppImage on Ubuntu 22

If you downloaded AppImage for Linux from our website and the product fails to run on Ubuntu 22.04, install libfuse2 and check permissions.

Step 1: Installing libfuse2

Open a terminal and type the command
sudo apt install libfuse2
Then enter a password. When entering the password no character is displayed, this is by design.… Read the rest

How to submit an error log?

We test each new version of Moon Modeler before release, both manually and with automatic tests. The use of Docker and modern testing frameworks have proved to be very successful. However, an application error might occur (once in a decade). In this case, the following page should be displayed.

Error log

Here you can write more information about what last steps you took in the application.… Read the rest