Datatype aliases

All of our data modeling tools allow you to define aliases of data types that can be used instead of standard data types. The advantage is that such a data type can be added to a diagram, the diagram can include a line pointing to the object where the data type alias is used, and if you decide to change, for example, a data type parameter, you can do so in only one place.

How to create a datatype alias?

Click the Other button on the main toolbar, choose Add Datatype alias and then click anywhere in the diagram.

Main toolbar and item for adding a new datatype alias.

Alternate solution: Right click on the diagram canvas and choose Add new object -> Datatype alias. Then click anywhere in the diagram again.

Context menu for adding new Datatype alias.

Final step: Specify name for the Data type alias in the side panel.

How to use the newly defined custom data types?

Select the datatype alias from the datatype dropdown.

Data type alias - selection in side panel


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