How to generate SQL script for SQL Server

To generate SQL scripts from your SQL Server project click the SQL Script icon on the main toolbar. New modal opens. Click Save Script and select a location where the file should be stored.

Generate SQL Script for SQL Server

Generation settings

You can control how the script will be generated on the Generation settings tab

Order of items

The order in which the objects will be in the resulting SQL script can be modified on the Order items tab.… Read the rest

Updating SQL Server projects

How to update your SQL Server ER diagrams

If you have created a project using reverse engineering, you have already saved the database connection and the project remembers this connection. So just click on the Update button and choose Update with default connection. The comparison will happen immediately.

update button on toolbar

A form will appear with a summary of the changes and you can accept the changes or not.… Read the rest

Visualization of existing SQL Server databases

All database connections are available in the Connections section. To create a new connection, click the Connections button on the main toolbar, and then click Create New Connection. A new modal form opens. Select SQL Server and enter the connection details.

When you are finished, click the Save Connection button.

SQL server - connection properties

Your new SQL Server connection will appear in the list of all database connections.… Read the rest

SQL Server database design

Quick start guide for SQL Server database design.

1. New project

To create a new project, click New on the main toolbar and select the SQL Server project type.

2. Add tables

Basic database objects can be added to your project/diagram by clicking the appropriate icon on the main toolbar.… Read the rest

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