Step-by-Step Guide: Creating an ER Diagram from Azure SQL Server Database Structure

If you want to create an ER diagram of your Azure SQL Server database structure, use Luna Modeler to do it easily and quickly. Luna Modeler is a powerful and user-friendly tool that allows you to design, document and visualize your database schemas. You can also reverse engineer your existing databases and generate SQL scripts from your projects/models.

Step 1 – Creating a new Azure SQL Server connection

Run Luna Modeler and navigate to section Connections. Create a new connection by clicking the Create New Connection button. The New connection modal form opens. Specify name for the connection and connection properties and click Save connection.

New connection to Azure SQL Server Database in Luna Modeler

The new connection will appear in the connection list. Click Edit to open the connection properties. Additional options are available in the Settings section, such as Trusted Server Certificate or Custom Request Timeout.

Connection properties - Luna Modeler - Azure SQL Server database

Step 2 – Loading the structure and creating an ER Diagram from Azure SQL Server

After the connection to Azure SQL Server is configured, click the Connect and load existing existing database structure link at the bottom.

Creating ERD from Azure SQL Server database

The database structure will be retrieved and displayed as an entity relationship diagram.

ERD from Azure SQL Server database

Step 3 – Troubleshooting

In order to successfully connect to an Azure SQL Server database, you must have the correct configuration. One common issue is that public access to the database is denied, which is the default setting. To change the settings, click the Configure button in section Configure access (Azure).

Configuration in Azure

Change Public network access to Selected networks (1) and add your IPv4 address (2) to the Firewall rules, or set other settings relevant to you.

Public access settings in Azure


Creating ER Diagram from Azure SQL Server is very easy in Luna Modeler. In this article, we have shown how to create a connection to an Azure SQL Server database and how to visualize this structure.

Enjoy working with Luna Modeler!

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