Updating SQLite projects

You can easily visualize existing SQLite databases in Luna Modeler. And in case there are changes in the database, you can use the Project Update feature to update your project and the ER diagram.

How to update your SQLite ER diagrams created from scratch

If you modeled your database design from scratch and then created the SQLite database, do the following: Create a connection on the Connections page. All you need to define is the connection name and the path to the SQLite database file.

Connection for SQLite

Then go to your project and click on the Update button and select Select connection.

Select connection toolbar item

Select the newly created item from the list of database connections and click Update project.

update project - selection of database connection

Luna Modeler will compare the project to the database and display a form showing the list of changes.

SQLite comparison

Tip: To view the details, click the arrow to the left of the category name.
The final step, updating the project, is just a matter of clicking the Update project button on the form.

How to update a project created by reverse engineering / importing from a file

In case you have created your project from an existing database, the process is even easier. Simply click on the Update button in the main toolbar and select Update with default connection.

sqlite update with default connection

The structures in the project and in the database will be compared. In the modal window that opens, you will then see a list of differences.

SQLite comparison

Click on Update project to start the update.


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