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Luna Modeler version 7

This page was updated on August 8th

New ER Diagram options

New ER Diagram Options

In version 7 you can view descriptions directly below the table! You can also turn on or off the display of indexes, columns, relationships, schema, data types, etc. All options are available for each sub-diagram separately.

Subject Areas in ERD

We added the ability to create subject areas, set the color for each subject area (including opacity) and place elements that logically belong together above the subject area graphics. This way you can more easily visualize single parts of larger ER diagrams.

Subject areas
Database schema conversion - Modal form for target platform selection

Database Schema Conversion

One of the key features of version 7 is the ability to convert a database schema from one platform to another. Thus, you can conveniently convert a Logical Model to the target Physical Model, or e.g. load a PostgreSQL structure and convert it to a SQL Server project type, etc. There is also an option to set up data type mappings. Other platform dependent objects will be converted to Data type alias, or Other object.

Learn more about database schema conversion

Cross-platform Copy & Paste

Another improvement is the ability to copy objects across projects. Select a part of your project created for MySQL, copy it using CTRL+C and then in a new instance of Luna Modeler paste the contents of the clipboard into a project for a completely different database platform, e.g. SQL Server or Postgres. The data types will change according to the settings defined in the Project Conversion Settings.

Cross platform copy and paste
Support for Data Type Aliases

Support for Data Type Aliases

Data Type Alias is an object that replaces the Custom Data Type that you could set in Project settings in earlier versions. The key advantage is the ability to add the Data Type Alias to a diagram, draw a line leading to the object in which it is used, etc. Another advantage is to use this object when converting from another project type. For example, Domain and Enum objects from PostgreSQL will be converted to Data Type Alias in MySQL, SQLite or any other supported platform.

The latest improvements

Versions 7.1 & 7.2 & 7.3

  • Support for PostgreSQL overloaded functions
  • Datatype aliases with definitions
  • Improved reverse engineering of older version of SQL Server, MySQL and MariaDB databases
  • Fixed bug in database connection form
  • Fixed bug in SQLite autoincrement propagation and SQLite after table script generation section
  • Fixed report generation for SQL Server
  • Fixed conversion from MariaDB to MySQL
  • Improved reports for sub-diagrams
  • Updated functionality for establishing SSH connections
  • Better UI for adding Texts, Text notes and Subject areas
Datatype alias


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