Other database objects in PostgreSQL

In Luna Modeler, you can easily create ER Diagrams and display graphical representatives of not only tables, but also other database objects. Some of them can be defined in detail, some of them are represented in a simplistic way.

Other database objects like triggers, views and functions in ER diagram for PostgreSQL

Database objects

The following objects can be added to PostgreSQL diagrams with details:

  • Tables
  • Composites (can be assigned to a column as a data type)
  • Domains (can be assigned to a column as a data type)
  • Enums (can be assigned to a column as a data type)

Other database objects defined by SQL script:

  • View
  • Materialized view
  • Type
  • Function
  • Procedure
  • Rule
  • Policy
  • Sequence
  • Trigger
  • Other (for specific custom object)

Each object has its default color that can be changed. Objects can be re-positioned, aligned etc.

How to work with other objects

To add a new object to your PostgreSQL ER diagram, click Other on the main toolbar or right-click the diagram area and choose the desired object type, for example, Function.

In object properties, specify colors and code. The code will be saved together with SQL statements for basic objects like tables and relationships.

Code defined for other database object in ER diagram for PostgreSQL.


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