Moon Modeler

is a data modeling tool for MongoDB and noSQL

for visualization of MongoDB & Mongoose ODM schema designs

New - custom scripts
MongoDB diagram

Data modeling tool for MongoDB & noSQL

Moon Modeler is a data modeling tool for noSQL databases like MongoDB, other databases compatible with MongoDB and Mongoose ODM. The software enables developers to visually draw data models and generate scripts. In Moon Modeler you can establish a connection to existing databases, create diagrams and generate comprehensive documentation or export your data model diagrams to PDF.

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Version 8.5 available

  • Customizations and Custom Properties
  • Custom Templates for Any Scenario
  • Predefined templates for schema validation scripts
  • Sample template for generated findOne output
  • Better user interface for Script generation

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What you can do
with Moon Modeler?

Draw diagrams
Easily define data models for MongoDB and Mongoose ODM
Reverse engineer
Connect to your MongoDB and create a database diagram
Create documentation
Share your diagrams in PDF format or generate HTML reports
Generate scripts
Preview and save or schema validation scripts or JavaScript
MongoDB database modeling

Easily draw diagrams for MongoDB & Mongoose

Define the structures of your MongoDB databases visually by drawing diagrams. Conveniently add collections with documents to your MongoDB diagrams! You may also specify schema designs for Mongoose ODM in Moon Modeler.

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Define the specifics of a collection, field or schema

Use Moon Modeler to visually design the MongoDB or Mongoose schema, specify collections, draw references between collections, and define the specifics of MongoDB collections and fields. You can edit properties in the sidebar or with larger modal forms. You can also use our Index Assistant and define indexes easily.

MongoDB Schema Design

Moon Modeler | MongoDB design tool - index assistant
MongoDB ERD sample created in Moon Modeler - data modeling tool for MongoDB

Improve your productivity

Create new objects with predefined settings. Select and edit a collection, object/document or an individual field. Modify existing objects quickly.

Changes are saved instantly in Moon Modeler. There is no need to confirm changes. If you need to revert the changes use UNDO.

Create HTML reports
and keep your schema design well documented

Arrange objects in multiple diagrams, change the view mode of the database diagram and show metadata, sample data, or descriptions. You can also add HTML notes or attach images. Export database diagrams to PDF or create interactive HTML documentation.

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Creation of an interactive HTML report in Moon Modeler
New - custom scripts
Moon Modeler and template selection for generating schema validation or modification script for MongoDB

Generate scripts and write custom templates for any scenario

Use Moon Modeler data modeling tool to generate validation and creation scripts for MongoDB or Mongoose along with other options, to preview the code formatted and with syntax highlighting and to save the generated code for the entire data model or just one selected MongoDB collection.

Wait, the Moon Modeler isn't limited to the generation of schema validation scripts! With custom templates, you can create snippets of application code, JavaScript files etc.

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Reverse engineer existing structures

Connect to existing MongoDB databases, run reverse engineering and create diagrams for your database structures automatically. In the Professional Edition of the data modeling tool you can establish SSH/SSL/TLS connections.

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Creation of a diagram from existing MongoDB database
Conversion from MongoDB to Mongoose

Convert MongoDB
projects to Mongoose

Load an existing MongoDB structure from your database and then convert your project to Mongoose. This simply gives you the ability to generate Mongoose scripts based on your MongoDB database structure. Note: this feature is available in the Professional edition.

Key benefits of Moon Modeler
a data modeling tool for MongoDB and noSQL

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Blueprint to your own product: A diagram can give you a clear model of your data structure and help you recognize errors. It's like a blueprint to your house. You know what you are building, how to connect the pieces and you have the necessary documentation.

Efficient communication: Moon Modeler data modeling tool allows your team members or clients understand the relations among collections in an effective manner.

Faster development: Draw data models or schema designs and generate code. Avoid typos, make changes quickly.

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Version: 8.5.1 | Tested on Windows 11

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Version: 8.5.1 | Tested on: Ubuntu 22.04

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Version: 8.5.1 | Tested on: MacBook Air & Mac M1
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