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Moon Modeler version 7

This page was updated on August 8th

MongoDB ER Diagram with indexes and descriptions

Descriptions & Indexes on MongoDB ER Diagrams

We have improved the options for displaying items on diagrams. Since version 7, you can display descriptions on diagrams directly under collections.

You also have options to display fields, references, datatypes etc. Show only the items you need to see and keep the others hidden. Note: You can easily set all options for each sub-diagram separately.

Subject Areas

Subject areas are now also supported in Moon Modeler!

What are subject areas for? It is a graphic element on which you can place collections and other elements that are logically related. You can create visualizations for groups of objects that belong together.

Subject area in MongoDB diagram
UI for custom color and color tone selection

Custom Color & Color Tone Selection

The appearance of database diagrams is very important in many cases, whether it is a presentation of a proposed database schema solution, input for stakeholders, or input for discussion with colleagues.

In addition to the newly added subject areas, you can now take advantage of additional options such as defining a custom color for collections, selecting a color tone, or setting a background pattern for the entire diagram.

Data Type Alias

Data Type Aliases can be used instead of standard data types and replace the previously supported Custom Data Types that could be defined at the project level.

We will continue to enhance these new objects and allow you to define more properties that you can use later to design database schemas. Currently, key benefits include the ability to display data type aliases on a diagram, add a line leading to the objects in which it is used, and specify code that can also be part of the generated script.

New Data Type Alias creation

The latest improvements

Versions 7.1 & 7.2 & 7.3

  • Datatype aliases with definitions
  • Fixed bug in init of the capped property and generated validation script for newly added MongoDB collections
  • Fixed bug in database connection form
  • Fixed bug in loading schema options in Mongoose projects
  • Fixed bug in generation of descriptions for Enum fields
  • Improved reports for sub-diagrams
  • Updated functionality for establishing SSH connections
  • Better UI for adding Texts, Text notes and Subject areas
MongoDB connection form


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