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Moon Modeler version 6

This page was updated on April 19th

Moon Modeler - diagram for MongoDB

New diagram layout

We have modified the layout of objects in the diagram to make it clearer and to make working with objects in the diagram more comfortable.

The diagram now displays the collection in a group with other graphic objects representing fields of the Object data type (object details/documents).

These graphic objects are automatically positioned and therefore do not need to be manipulated manually in any way.

Easier definition of hierarchical structures

To add additional fields to an existing document/object, just click on the object name in the diagram (2). After this action, the object will be highlighted in orange and the Children tab (3) will be activated in the right sidebar. Here you can conveniently add additional fields.

Definition of object details
Show or hide object detail

Advanced visualization on sub-diagrams

Hierarchical structures can be quite extensive. In Moon Modeler, you can now choose whether or not you want to display the detail of a particular object/field.

In addition, you can set the visualization in a different way on each of the sub-diagrams. The displayed and hidden items will be preserved when you save the project.

Keyboard navigation

We have added the ability to navigate by items in a group of objects. Use the up and down arrows to easily move to the previous or next field.

Use the right or left arrows to move to/from the object detail.

And if you want to show or hide the detail, just press the CTRL key in combination with the right or left arrow key.

Keyboard navigation
Layout features

Updated layout features

We have modified the way features used to modify graphic elements or their positions in the diagram work. In the new version, you can hide some object details and then use one of the autolayouts for automatic arrangement. The width of the whole group of objects, i.e. collection and visible object details, is now taken into account.

The latest news in Version 6.1

Multiple instances

Open Moon Modeler in a new window or open a saved project in a new window. All settings, the project list and the connection list are automatically synchronized.
Note: this feature is available in the Professional edition only.

Multiple instances of Moon Modeler running on macOS
Conversion from MongoDB to Mongoose

Conversion of MongoDB projects to Mongoose

Load an existing MongoDB structure from your database and then convert your project to Mongoose. This simply gives you the ability to generate Mongoose scripts based on your MongoDB database structure.
Note: this feature is available in the Professional edition only.

Other improvements

  • Enums are now correctly generated in scripts for nested objects.

We have also fixed other known bugs, improved the encryption mechanism and updated the components used to the latest stable versions.

Enums in Mongoose projects

The latest news in Version 6.2

Copy and Paste inside

Advanced Copy and Paste

You can now copy collections and individual fields or documents. If you want to copy/paste only part of a hierarchical structure, use Copy and Paste Inside.

Read details

The latest news in Version 6.3

Installer for Mac computers with Apple chip available

  • Install the latest version and enjoy significantly improved performance

We have also fixed known bugs and updated the components used to the latest stable versions.

Moon Modeler - data modeling tool for macOS.


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