What's new in version 1.7.0

5th September 2019

1. Lines (graphics)

In Moon Modeler references can be defined between two collections in MongoDB and Mongoose projects or between tables in MariaDB projects. Newly also simple graphical lines can be drawn among objects like collections, embedded documents, notes, views and other objects. In projects for MariaDB the lines can be drawn between tables and json types, triggers, views and notes.

New line

Lines in MongoDB diagram:

Lines in MongoDB diagram

2. Line settings

Unlike reference lines between collections, simple lines can be colored and specific options can be set for each of the lines.

Basic line mode

Basic mode

Detailed line mode

In this mode a line is drawn from one object header to the other object header.

Detailed mode

Inherited line mode

In this mode a global mode is applied to the line graphics. If you select basic mode on project level, the line will be drawn in basic mode. If you change the mode to detailed on project level, the line will be drawn as detailed.

Inherited mode

2. Zoom

Zoom component has been added to the footer area. Click minus or plus icons to change diagram zoom.


3. New project graphics

In order to make new project cration smoother project type graphics have been added to the New project form.

New project


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