Moon Modeler

Database modeling tool for MongoDB

MongoDB data model

Key features for MongoDB

Draw ER diagrams
Define entity-relationship diagrams for MongoDB easily. and model your database visually.
Reverse engineer
Connect to your MongoDB database and visualize existing database structures.
Export to PDF
Share your pixel-perfect diagrams in high-quality printable PDF format.
Generate scripts
Preview, generate and save MongoDB schema validation scripts.

Create ER diagrams for MongoDB

Database modeling features include visual definition basic and nested MongoDB database structures. Visually design MongoDB or Mongoose schema, specify collections and embeddable sub-documents, draw references among collections and define MongoDB collection and field specifics.
Create nested structures graphically!

Quick Start Guide for MongoDB

ERD made in Moon Modeler database modeling tool

Quick and comfortable database modeling for MongoDB

Create new objects with predefined settings. Change field positions using drag and drop. Add referenced fields to target collections automatically etc. Changes are propagated and saved immediately and in case you need to revert changes, use UNDO. A dark or light theme in UI is only a matter of your preference.

MongoDB database modeling, erd with sample data

Keep your database designs
well documented

During your database modeling activities you can arrange MongoDB objects in diagrams, colorize items, change the view to show metadata, sample data or descriptions. Add notes in HTML format, connect objects using lines with custom end point graphics or include pictures to your database models. You can also export diagrams to high-quality, vector format, PDF files.

Generated schema validation script

Preview and generate scripts

Generate validation and creation scripts together with other options. When you database modeling for MongodB is finished, click a button on the main toolbar and immediately see code preview - formatted and with syntax highlighting.
You can also add custom code to BEFORE and AFTER sections and save scripts for whole your MongoDB database modeling project or for just a single MongoDB collection.

Database connection
New - reverse engineering included in version for MacOS

Reverse engineer existing structures

Connect to an existing MongoDB, MariaDB, MySQL or PostgreSQL and reverse engineer database structures with nested documents or JSON. SSH/SSL/TLS connections are supported for MongoDB databases in the Professional Edition.

Download Moon Modeler
Supported platforms include MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, Mongoose and GraphSQL.
Moon Modeler for MongoDB and other platforms is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS.
Trial version expires 14 days after installation.

Key benefits - MongoDB database modeling

The following 3 points represent the main benefits for users interested in MongoDB database modeling.

1. Blueprint to your own product

A diagram can give you a clear model of your database structure and help you recognize errors. It's like a blueprint to your house. You know what you are building, how to connect the pieces and you have the necessary documentation.

2. Efficient communication

Database modeling allows all your team members or clients to understand the references among collections and documents in your MongoDB structures in an effective manner.

3. Higher productivity

Database modeling activities helps you create your MongoDB databases visually, the work is faster, you can avoid typos and make changes quickly.

Looking for a FREE
database modeling tool for MongoDB?

Use Moon Modeler. The freeware version allows you to save projects with 10 objects at max.