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This page was updated on February 9th

Relationship names and line captions in ERD - Luna Modeler.

Relationship Names in Diagrams

Relationship names can be displayed directly in a diagram. You can also define a caption for a line and display it in the ERD.

SQL Server Custom Request Timeout

For cases where more time is required to load the SQL Server database structure, you can set a custom request timeout value.

The default is set to 15 seconds. You can now easily extend this value.

Custom Request Timeout settings for SQL Server specified in Luna Modeler - database design tool for SQL Server.
SQL Server windows authentication

Windows Authentication for SQL Server

You can use a Windows authentication connection method to load an existing SQL Server database structure.

Note: This feature is available in Luna Modeler for Windows.
SQL Server authentication is available in all supported versions (Windows, Linux and macOS).

Referenced Columns Highlighting

If you click on a relationship line between two tables, the columns belonging to the selected relationship will be highlighted.

This feature is especially useful if you have relationship lines displayed in the Basic mode.

Luna Modeler with an ER diagram for PostgreSQL. Columns belonging to the selected relationship are highlighted.
Luna Modeler and sub-diagrams management.

Sub-Diagrams Management

Now you can rename your sub-diagrams very easily. You can also sort, edit or delete them just as easily. Open the project properties and go to the Diagrams tab, or manage your diagrams from the right sidebar.

Note: This feature is available in the Professional edition.

Search and Find

Now you can easily search for objects in the ER diagram. This makes it easy to find the occurrence of a certain column, data type or where an Enum is used etc.

Press CTRL+F to open the search box.
To hide the element, press the ESC key.

Search and find on ER Diagram
ERD - modeling relationships from a column in parent table to a column in child table.

Faster and Easier Database Modeling

In this version, you can easily model new relationships by clicking on a column in a parent table and then on a column in a child table. Luna Modeler automatically uses the primary key (or creates an alternate key in the parent table) and maps the relationship to the selected column in the child table.

Lines to Columns

You can link any object with a line to a column in a table. You can create a line to different objects (Text, Note or e.g. Function, Procedure) or a line leading from one column to another. As a result, you can easily display additional information that relates to the column, not just the entire table.

Luna Modeler - lines to columns
Script blocks in ERD in Luna Modeler

Script Blocks Supported in Notes

In Notes, you can select a block of text and turn it into a script block. The advantage is the possibility of working with indentation, different display, etc. For example, you can display the code of a certain object, e.g. a function, or data stored in a column of JSON or XML data type, etc.

Color Settings for Individual Line or Relationship

Another improvement is the ability to change the color of single relationship or line. The selected color will be used on all sub-diagrams in your project.

Relationship line color in Luna Modeler - database modeling tool
Improved subject areas in Luna Modeler database design tool

Improved Subject Areas

Subject areas can be moved to new positions in the ER diagram with all content that belongs to the subject area. You can move the subject area by dragging the newly added graphic item in the top left corner of the subject area.

The latest improvements

Improvements & Fixes

  • SQL Server – support for INCLUDE statement in indexes
  • SQL Server – improved sorting of columns.
  • SQL Server – generated report contains Before and After script sections.
  • PostgreSQL – optimized loading of objects from PostgreSQL (_types not loaded).
  • Fix: Sub-diagrams navigation panel added back to the Professional edition.
  • Fix: Width of columns in the index detail section
  • Fix: Generation of indexes for SQL Server
  • Fix: The size of the Subject Area is preserved after a new relationship is created
  • Update: PostgreSQL compression and storage parameters added to column properties
  • Update: Improved messages related to loading of existing database structures. Platforms: MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL
  • Fix: Issue related to adding a child object on a new sub-diagram.
  • Fix: Known issues related to license activation
  • Update: Settings for new version notifications.
  • Update: improvements in reverse engineering from SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MariaDB and MySQL.
  • Fix: issues related to generation of statistics for project comparison.
SQL Server Index creation in Luna Modeler database design tool.


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