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Luna Modeler version 6

This page was updated on May 2nd

ERD for SQL Server

Support for SQL Server

In Luna Modeler 6, you can now create entity-relational diagrams for SQL Server databases! Add tables, columns, relationships and other objects, e.g. sequences or user defined types.

Quick start guide for SQL Server

Visualization of existing SQL Server databases

Connect to your SQL Server database and load an existing database structure. In version 6 the SQL Server authentication is available as a connection type.

In the Professional edition, you can also create a connection with SSH settings.

Connections for SQL Server
Generate HTML report

HTML documentation for SQL Server ER diagrams

As for other supported platforms, you can create detailed documentation for SQL Server projects and ER diagrams. Export to PDF is of course also available.

SQL scripts generating

Generate SQL scripts for your database designs. Click a button on the main toolbar and immediately see code preview.

You can also add custom code to BEFORE and AFTER sections and save scripts for whole your SQL Server database design or for just a single SQL Server table or relationship.

ER diagram for SQL Server - SQL script generated by Luna Modeler
Project update for SQL Server

Project update for SQL Server

Compare your project with existing databases. Find out what objects exist only in the database, what objects exist only in your project and in which objects changes have been detected.

You can compare your project with any database to which you have a database connection. To update your project, just click the Update project button.

New features for
all supported platforms

Generation of comparison reports for all supported databases

Create detailed documentation of detected changes! The interactive HTML report includes both an overview of individual changes and an SQL script for creating the object.

You can see what the SQL Script looks like for an object in the project or for an object in the database.

Styles for comparison reports

Styles for comparison reports

Luna Modeler includes three different styles for HTML reports. Two of them allow you to work with interactive HTML reports in which you can browse individual objects and view details.

Printable output

If you wish to print the comparison report, select the last of the styles. This will generate an output that you can send to your PDF printer.

PDF report

But wait, there’s more

Column navigation

Column navigation

You can now use the column navigation directly in the diagram. Simply select one column and then move to the previous or next item using the arrow keys on the keyboard. The item detail is then available for editing in the right sidebar.

The latest news in Version 6.1

Multiple instances

Open Luna Modeler in a new window or open a saved project in a new window. All settings, the project list and the connection list are automatically synchronized.
Note: this feature is available in the Professional edition only.

Multiple instances of Luna Modeler running on macOS.
New style for HTML reports

New style for reports

The new report style allows you to generate output that can be easily printed or sent to a PDF printer to create a PDF file.

The new style is ideal for creating classic documentation of your database structures.

Other improvements

  • MariaDB – added support for the UUID datatype
  • SQLite – added support for the Strict table option.
  • SQLite – added support for columns with no datatype definition

We have also fixed known bugs, improved the encryption mechanism
and updated the components used to the latest stable versions.

Support for UUID datatype in MariaDB projects

The latest news in Version 6.2

Advanced copy and paste in Luna Modeler

Advanced Copy and Paste

You can now copy database tables or table columns. Luna Modeler will automatically perform a mapping to dependent objects such as domains, enums or user-defined types when you paste an object into an existing model. If you paste an object into a new project, the dependent objects will be added automatically.

Read details

The latest news in Version 6.3

Installer for Mac computers with Apple chip available

  • Install the latest version and enjoy significantly improved performance

We have also fixed known bugs and updated the components used to the latest stable versions.

Luna Modeler - data modeling tool for macOS

The latest news in Version 6.4

Connection for PostgreSQL and multiple schema selection

Schema/Database selection for Reverse Engineering

One of the most requested features has been added to version 6.4. Now you can select multiple schemas for visualization of your PostgreSQL or MySQL/MariaDB database. Schema selection is also much more comfortable than it was in previous versions.

Detection of objects from other schemas

  • If you select a schema that contains an object from another schema, Luna Modeler will recommend which other schema should be selected for reverse engineering.
  • If you reverse engineer a schema that has a column that uses a data type of an unknown structure, the data type will be automatically added among the Custom data types.
Tips for reverse engineering of multiple schemas for PostgreSQL.


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