Luna Modeler
is a powerful database design tool for relational databases

for SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL and SQLite database design

New - custom scripts
PostgreSQL Database Design

Easy-to-use database design tool

Luna Modeler is an easy-to-use data modeling and database design tool for many popular databases. The software allows database developers to design database structures and generate SQL scripts for SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL and SQLite. You can also use Luna Modeler to visualize existing databases, enhance entity-relationship diagrams, and generate interactive documentation with database diagrams.

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Version 8.5 available

  • Customizations and Custom Properties
  • Custom Templates & Endless Possibilities
  • Sample template for generated javascript output
  • Better user interface for Script generation
  • Improved reverse engineering

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What you can do
with Luna Modeler?

Create ER diagrams
For relational databases like SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL and SQLite
Reverse engineer
Create an ER diagram from existing databases or import a SQLite structure.
Create documentation
Share your pixel-perfect diagrams in PDF format or generate interactive HTML reports.
Generate SQL scripts
Preview and save DDL/SQL code or easily write templates for your own custom scripts.

Draw ER diagrams for relational databases

Luna Modeler is the perfect tool for designing databases, creating data models, and drawing entity relationship diagrams. With Luna Modeler, you can easily define database elements like tables, columns, keys, indexes, and visually represent relationships in your data models.

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Edit objects in your ER diagram quickly and easily

You can edit individual properties of your database design very quickly in the panel on the right side. Larger forms help you easily view more details, where you can use elements that can be easily expanded or collapsed. Use Luna Modeler to accelerate your data modelling tasks.

ERD Column Detail form in Luna Modeler, a data modeling tool
New - custom scripts
SQL script generated by Luna Modeler data modeling tool

Generate SQL or write templates for custom scripts

Generate SQL scripts for your database designs and diagrams. You have the flexibility to preview and save SQL scripts for your entire database design or for individual database tables or relationships.

You can also easily create custom output, SQL scripts, HTML reports, CSV files or even UI components - it can all be done with custom templates!

Connect to existing databases and generate ER diagrams

You can easily connect to your existing SQL Server, MariaDB, MySQL, SQLite, or PostgreSQL databases and automatically generate database diagrams by using our software. In the Professional Edition, you also have the ability to establish secure SSH/SSL/TLS connections to all supported database systems.

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Database connection created for PostgreSQL, multiple schema selection
ER Diagram creation with Luna Modeler | Project update

Compare & update your database diagrams

Compare your database design to the structure that exists in the database and easily update your project. See what objects no longer exist in the database, what objects have been added to the database, and what objects are different.

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Create documentation

When designing a database, you can arrange objects into sub-diagrams, add HTML notes etc. A dark or light theme is just a matter of your preference. At any stage of the design process, you can easily generate an interactive HTML report to create useful documentation.

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Database report creation in Luna Modeler - data modeling tool

Key benefits of Luna Modeler
data modeling and database design tool

A picture is worth a thousand words

Blueprint to your own product: A diagram can give you a clear model of your data structure and help you recognize errors. It's like a blueprint to your house. You know what you are building, how to connect the pieces and you have the necessary documentation.

Efficient communication: Luna Modeler helps team members understand relationships between tables and other objects in database diagrams in an efficient way.

Faster development: Draw database diagrams and generate code. Avoid typos, make changes quickly.

Increased Productivity: Luna Modeler data modeling tool helps increase your productivity by enabling rapid database design and automating repetitive tasks such as generating SQL scripts, creating database diagrams from existing databases, and generating interactive reports.

Cost-Effective Solution: The data modeling tool is a cost-effective solution because it helps to reduce the development time and effort required to create the database. This ensures that the project is completed within budget and on time.

Download Luna Modeler
For SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL and SQLite
Trial version expires 14 days after installation.

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Version: 8.5.1 | Tested on Windows 11

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Version: 8.5.1 | Tested on: Ubuntu 22.04

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Apple chip Intel chip

Version: 8.5.1 | Tested on: MacBook Air & Mac M1
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Database design tool for relational databases
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