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Diagram graphics

Click the MongoDB ER diagram area to make sure no object is selected and change the colors in section Graphics.

MongoDB diagram

  • Background color: specify a color for the diagram background. You can change the background color to any color or use transparent color (the last color on the color picker palette). Transparent color is useful if you change the application theme from Light to Dark. If the Light theme is selected and the transparent color is activated, the background is set automatically to a slightly gray color. In case you enable the Dark theme, the background color is automatically set to dark gray color.
  • Line color: can be specified for graphical representatives of references among collections. Transparent color works similarly to how background color setting behaves.
  • Line mode: allows you to switch from Basic line graphics rendering to Detailed and vice versa.
  • Keys displayed graphically: choose if the id and referenced field should be displayed with red/yellow key or with textual marks.

A selected object in MongoDB ER diagram

Colors for selected collection, document, note or other objects can also be specified in section Graphics.
To change colors, select an object in your MongoDB diagram and specify values in the right-side panel.
You can also double click any object and open modal form where you can specify the text and background colors comfortably.

Example of defined color in MongoDB ER diagram:

MongoDB diagram object selected

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