Moon Modeler user interface

  1. Projects
  2. Panels
  3. Themes
  4. Display mode - Metadata, Sample data or Description
  5. Line mode - Basic or Detailed

1. Projects

Recently open projects are listed on page Projects.


Tip: Details about active project are available in footer area.

2. Panels

There are two panels in Moon models. Left panel contains list of objects that exist in your project. Right panel can be used for making modifications.


In configuration, you can change the layout and place the right panel next to the left panel and minimize mouse movements in case you need to modify one object after another.


3. Themes

Themes can be changed in configuration


Light theme

Light theme

4. Display mode

You can display metadata, sample data or description in your diagrams.

Metadata - datatypes


Sample data

Sample data can be defined for each datatype manually. If defined, the values can be displayed in diagram:

Sample data


Descriptions are defined on collection or document level. If defined, descriptions can be displayed in diagrams.


5. Line mode

There are two line modes in Moon modeler. Detailed line mode that draws lines from source to target field.


Detailed line mode


In the simple line mode each line is drawn from center to center and multiple reference lines between the same two collections are drawn as a single combined line.

Simple line mode


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