Meteor Modeler version 2.2 - for MacOS

The latest version of Meteor Modeler includes many UI improvements and various bug fixes.

Meteor Modeler running on MacOS

What's new in Moon Modeler version 2.2.

UI Improvements

  • When objects are copied, all lines that exist among the objects are copied as well.
  • The layout of relationship details was changed for better displaying of longer relationship names.
  • Toolbar items re-arranged. Now the toolbar can fit smaller screens, including MacBook Air.
  • The default size of all modal dialogs was changed.
  • Version for MacOS is notarized and signed, installation should be smooth and without unnecessary warning messages.
  • If the app could not be closed normally, it was necessary to terminate the process. Such behavior is no longer needed.
  • Added support for an anonymized error report submission.

Bug Fixes

  • Incorrectly defined keys in MariaDB models could lead to a crash of the application. Fixed.
  • SQL preview could not be displayed for tables with incorrectly defined keys and SQL code could not be generated. Fixed.
  • Various bugs related to the UNDO feature fixed.


What's new in version 2.1.

Text alignment in Notes

 Text can be aligned to left, center, right or you can justify the text specified in Notes.

Text alignment in Notes

Copy to clipboard option in SQL Script/Module tab

Button Copy to clipboard allows you to copy SQL or MongoDB scripts to the clipboard. The button is available in modal dialogs as well as in the right-side panel.

Copy script to clipboard


What's new in version 2.0.

In the latest version of Moon Modeler, you can find newly added reverse engineering features developed by Premek Teper.
The reverse engineering feature is available in Moon Modeler for Windows as well as for Linux OS.

1. Reverse engineering for MariaDB

Create a new database connection. In the current version, there is only one possible method for connection settings.
If you don't know the database name, click button Load databases and wait till the drop-down is populated.

mariadb database modeling - connection

Then navigate to the newly created connection and click Connect and reverse engineer existing structure.

database modeling

A new project is created and all tables are re-arranged automatically.

MariaDB reversed diagram

2. Reverse engineering for MongoDB

Reverse engineering for MongoDB allows you to load an existing MongoDB structure. The feature infers data structure from the database records and visualizes the recognized structure.

Create a new MongoDB connection.

Mongodb reverse engineering

Loaded database structure. See the embeddable documents on the right side and a new option to hide/show all the documents at once.

Mongodb reverse engineering

3. Other improvements

  • CTRL+Mouse wheel for Zoom-In and Zoom-Out
  • Pan mode can be activated by a mouse middle button and dragging
  • Improvements in relations and lines creation
  • Progress bars for auto layout
  • Table descriptions are now generated as comments for MariaDB
  • The re-writeable drop-down for database engines for MariaDB
  • Bugfix for incorrectly drawn relations in Simple Mode
  • Bugfix for the move and resize actions
  • Bugfixes for MariaDB and MongoDB reverse engineering
  • Improvements in object width settings after reverse engineering
  • Bugfix for array definition and ref settings in Mongoose projects
  • Many updates of used components

4. Important info

  • Database passwords are stored in a text file and are not encrypted.

We will be grateful for your feedback and suggestions.



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