What's new in Moon Modeler version 2.5

1. Improved connections for MongoDB

  • Authentication added to MongoDB connection properties
  • URL parameters are processed, when specified in the Server field

MongoDB authentication

2. Support for schema in PostgreSQL projects

Option in connection properties:

PostgreSQL and option include schema

Schema in table properties:

PostgreSQL schema

3. Performance improvements

Version 2.5 contains numerous optimizations that significantly affects performance of Moon Modeler.
Improved areas or functionalities:

  • Multiple objects movement
  • Multiple objects selection
  • Rendering of objects in diagram

4. Automatic correction of corrupted project files

5. Others

  • Bug fixes related to copying of tables.
  • Fixed issue with migration of primary keys.
  • Other minor bug fixes.
  • App optimization.


Many changes came with the support for PostgreSQL and SQLite, in case you find a bug or in case you miss some key functionality, please do not hesitate and write us to info@datensen.com. We will appreciate your feedback. Thanks!


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