What's new in Moon Modeler version 2.4

The latest version contains the following improvements:

1. Support for PostgreSQL database modeling

Database modeling

2. PostgreSQL script generation - forward engineering

PostgreSQL forward engineering

3. Visualization of existing PostgreSQL database structures - reverse engineering

PostgreSQL reverse engineering

4. Support for SQLite database design

New SQL project in Moon Modeler

5. Others

  • Bug fixes related to deletion of tables, relations.
  • Improved test coverage.
  • App optimization.
  • UI improvements - object type is displayed above object name, in case the object is Enum, Procedure, Function etc.
  • Database connections are encrypted.
  • Reverse enginering features are available only in trial or commercial version.
  • Freeware version contains decent watermark in exported PDF files.


Many changes came with the support for PostgreSQL and SQLite, in case you find a bug or in case you miss some key functionality, please do not hesitate and write us to info@datensen.com. We will appreciate your feedback. Thanks!


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