What's new in Moon Modeler version 2.2.

UI Improvements

  • When objects are copied, all lines that exist among the objects are copied as well.
  • The layout of relationship details was changed for better displaying of longer relationship names.
  • Toolbar items re-arranged. Now the toolbar can fit smaller screens, including MacBook Air.
  • The default size of all modal dialogs was changed.
  • Version for MacOS is notarized and signed, installation should be smooth and without unnecessary warning messages.
  • If the app could not be closed normally, it was necessary to terminate the process. Such behavior is no longer needed.
  • Added support for an anonymized error report submission.

Bug Fixes

  • Incorrectly defined keys in MariaDB models could lead to a crash of the application. Fixed.
  • SQL preview could not be displayed for tables with incorrectly defined keys and SQL code could not be generated. Fixed.
  • Various bugs related to the UNDO feature fixed.

Meteor Modeler version 2.2 - for MacOS

The latest version of Meteor Modeler includes many UI improvements and various bug fixes.

Meteor Modeler running on MacOS




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