What's new in version 1.6

1. Custom data types

Both Moon Modeler and Meteor Modeler allows you to define custom data types. In case you need to use newly introduced data types, define them in Project settings and then use the datatypes in your diagrams.

Definition: You can add new data types to your project visually (in a way that is similar to how you define TAGS in various web apps). In case you remove already defined datatype that is used in the project, all fields with the assigned datatype will be updated automatically and will revert to default datatype.

Copy to clipboard: In case you need to use custom data types in another project, use the Copy to clipboard button to copy all defined datatypes and in the other project just paste the values to the Add custom data type input field.

Meteor Modeler for Sequelize - Custom data types


Data types

2. Default values for MongoDB and Mongoose

Default values can be specified in Project settings. Whatever you define in section Default values will be used for newly created objects.

Project settings:

MongoDB and default values

New collection detail:

New collection default values

3. Bug fixes

Fixed P1 bug related to the movement of objects connected to hidden models/collections/nested types.
The latest version also contains minor bug fixes and improvements.


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