What's new in version 1.6.5

5th August 2019

1. Support for MariaDB

Moon Modeler now supports MariaDB. Newly supported features include:

  1. Visual definition of tables, column, keys, indexes, relations. For more information see MariaDB database design.
  2. Visualization of JSON structures in entity relationship diagrams.
  3. Definition of other objects like views, stored procedures, functions, triggers etc.
  4. Default values for new objects created for MariaDB.
  5. Export to PDF
  6. SQL code generation for MariaDB.

Quick Start Guide for MariaDB

MariaDB database design:

mariadb database design

JSON definition and visualization:

database modeling

Generated SQL code:

SQL script for MariaDB

2. Other objects for Mongoose and MongoDB

Graphical representatives for views, functions and other objects can be added to Mongoose and MongoDB diagrams. Specified code will be included in generated script files.

Mongodb other objects

3. UI improvements

  • Drop down menu is available for a Project. Right click the diagram area to open the drop down.
  • New items can be added via drop down menus. See the screenshot above. In MongoDB project, new Collection, Document, Note, View, Function or other Object can be inserted without the necessity to click icon on main toolbar.
  • Alignment and resize features were improved, now the features work properly for notes and other database specific objects.
  • Autolayout enhanced, now other database objects are aligned below tables/collections.
  • Icon added to graphical representatives of documents/JSON structures.


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