MongoDB model


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MongoDB data model

In Moon Modeler you can easily draw hierarchical structures.
The diagrams can be visually presented in a form similar to entity relationship diagrams (ERD) that usually describe structures of relational databases.


Database collections are displayed as graphical boxes with all collection fields.

Embedded documents

One of the main advantages of Moon Modeler is the possibility to visually display MongoDB documents - fields of the Object data type.

MongoDB collections and documments


Collections and documents are represented as boxes in the MongoDB model, but references contain additional graphical elements that can help you easily communicate specific rules, for example, cardinality.


If set to Mandatory child - a record in child collection is required.

MongoDB model and cardinality

Graphical representation:

MongoDB model and cardinality

If the cardinality is set to 1, then the crows' foot is not displayed at the end of the reference line.

Mandatory child and one to many

Graphical representation:

Mandatory child

Optional record in child collection is represented by a small circle.

Optional child

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