Free ER diagram tool


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Free ER diagram tool?

Looking for a free ER diagram tool? There are many on the market and Meteor Modeler is one of them.
This free database modeling tool can be used to visually define smaller database structures for Sequelize - ORM framework for relational database systems such as MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and SQL Server.

Free data modeling tool for Sequelize

Meteor Modeler can be installed as a trial version, which automatically switches to freeware mode when the trial expires.

Trial version

All key features are enabled in the trial version and you can try the fully functional software for 14 days. After that, the software expires and the following modal form is displayed:

Database modeling tool and freeware mode switch

As you can see, you can purchase the commercial version by clicking on the Buy Now button and following the instructions, activate the already purchased product or continue with the freeware version of the database modeling tool

Click Continue with freeware to enable the freeware mode.

Limitations of the free database modeling tool

  • Maximum 10 objects in a project
  • Watermark in exported PDF file

In freeware mode, you can create smaller projects with up to 10 objects.
You can add more objects to the project, but saving the project will not be allowed.

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