What’s new in Moon Modeler version 4.4

We are pleased to announce the release of the next version of Moon Modeler.
Let’s take a look at what’s new in version 4.4

1. Logical Entity-Relationship Diagram

logical ERD

We’ve added the ability to create a project where you can easily design an ERD with entities, attributes, one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many relationships. This is a type of project in which you can simply describe business objects without having to specify the target database platform or data types.

Many-to-many relationship in logical entity-relationship diagram

Since it is a logical ER diagram, SQL generation is not available. However, you can generate a PDF or interactive HTML reports.

2. Copy and apply format

A new feature that is available for all projects (be it relational or noSQL database designs, or schema design for Mongoose or GraphQL), is the ability to select the format of a graphical object and apply it to other selected objects. The workflow is very simple.

  1. Select the object, open the context menu, and select Copy format.
copy format
  1. Then select another object or group of objects. On one of the selected objects, open the context menu and select Apply format.
apply format

The result:

applied format


  • The copied format can be used multiple times and
  • The copied format can be applied to different types of objects, such as collection, document, enum, table, json, etc. and also note.

3. Notifications with links

After saving a report, generated script or PDF document, notifications now show the option to open the file or target folder.

notifications with links

4. Conversion of a MongoDB document to a MongoDB collection

In MongoDB projects it was already possible to change the object type from collection to document type. This version introduces the possibility of converting in the opposite way, i.e. from document to collection.

MongoDB document
MongoDB collection

5. Support for Enums in Mongoose projects

One of the new features in support for Mongoose is the ability to create Enum objects that can be used in multiple schemas.

enum - mongoose

The generated script for the schema in which the Enum is used then contains the individual entries.

enum in Mongoose schema script

The advantage is of course the ability to change the Enum definition in one place and the change will automatically be reflected in all other objects.

6. Proxy settings

For users who use proxies, we have added the ability to configure proxy settings. This setting will be used to activate the license key for Moon Modeler.

proxy settings

7. Other useful improvements and bug fixes

  • Context menu with sub-menu items
  • Bug fix: copy and past on macOS
  • Text shadows removed from exported PDF (for default PDF viewer on macOS)

Have a suggestion?

If you have a suggestion, an idea for improvement, or if you find a bug, feel free to email us at info@datensen.com.