What’s new in Moon Modeler version 4.3

A new version of Moon Modeler is available. Let’s take a look at the new features and improvements in version 4.3.

1. Improved support for GraphQL schema design

It is easier to work with interface objects in GraphQL projects. It is now possible to create References and Implements. Both options are available on the toolbar.

graphql - interface and references vs implements
  • References are supported similarly to references between two Type objects.
  • Implements are then displayed in the diagram using a dashed line with an arrow.
  • When implements are created, all fields defined in the interface then migrate to the type.
  • Most of the field properties then become read-only and change is only possible in the interface object.
  • Modifications of field names/datatypes etc. are propagated to child types automatically.
read only fields

HTML reports implements

MWe have improved interactive HTML reports for GraphQL projects. Information about dependent objects is available in the table details. A separate Implements section is also available.

html report

Read more about GraphQL schema design and how to work with Interfaces in Moon Modeler.

2. Visualization of indexes in ER diagrams

In the previous version we added support for creating indexes in projects for MongoDB. In this version, you will find the ability to display indexes in an ER diagram, of course not only for MongoDB projects, but for all types of projects where indexes can be defined.

To view the indexes, click Display on the main toolbar and select Indexes.



The ability to revert an erroneous step using UNDO has been available since the first version of Moon Modeler. We have now redesigned this system and added REDO. This option is available from the application menu and by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+Z / CMD+SHIFT+Z.


4. Filter in connections

On the Connections page, where you can store your database connections, you can now quickly search for connections by name, database type, database name, as well as port, etc. If you only want to view SSH or SSL/TLS connections, just type SSH, SSL or TLS in the search box.

connections - filter

5. Reset relationship or line name

In case you first create relationships between tables, then rename the tables and want the relationships to be named according to the table names, it was necessary to rename the relationships manually. Now you can easily reset the relationship name, just click the Reset name button.

Example: table filmActor renamed to movieActor.

reset name

The result:

reset name - result

6. Other useful improvements and bug fixes

Other new features:

  • Newly added form “Key features and tips”
  • Fixed bug in reverse engineering for PostgreSQL (max callstack exceeded)
  • Fixed issues with detected cardinality settings in projects for relational databases.
  • other minor bug fixes

Have a suggestion?

If you have a suggestion, an idea for improvement, or if you find a bug, feel free to email us at info@datensen.com.