What’s new in Moon Modeler version 3.0

The latest version includes the following new features and improvements:

1. Support for multiple diagrams

In previous versions, it was possible to create a project and visualize all data objects in only one diagram. Version 3 brings significant improvements.

  • Now you can manage all objects on the Main diagram.
  • You can also create additional diagrams (sub-diagrams) and focus on a selected part of the data model.
  • Using separate diagrams with a subset of objects can increase your productivity. If your data model or diagram design contains many objects, diagrams with fewer objects allow you to work with the diagram significantly faster.
  • You can print the active diagram/data model design to PDF.

Main diagram:

  • Contains all database objects (all schema objects)
  • Objects can be displayed or hidden
Main database diagram

Diagram (sub-diagram):

  • Contains a subset of the Main diagram objects
  • Objects can be added to or removed from the diagram, but cannot be hidden.
database diagrams - specific er diagram

Adding a new diagram

Click the Add diagram button (1) to create a new, empty diagram. This can be useful if you plan to create a new part of the database design from scratch. If you want to add existing objects to a new or existing diagram, select them and right-click on any of them either in the sidebar (2) or on the active diagram (3) and select Add to another diagram (4).

erd for mongodb

Setting the diagram name and properties

To rename the diagram or set other graphical properties, right-click the tab name and click Edit to open the modal form or edit the properties directly in the sidebar.

manage diagram

Displaying items from the Main diagram

At the bottom of the left sidebar, you’ll find a toggle to Show items from the Main diagram.

show all switch

Enable the switch (1) to display items that exist in the project and main diagram but are not in the active diagram. 

These items will be displayed as disabled (2). You can right-click on any of them and select Add to diagram (3).

Add objects from main diagram to subdiagram

Diagram items management

To view a list of all objects, search the list, and add or remove additional objects, right-click the diagram area and select Manage diagram items.

database diagram items

The Diagram Items modal form opens. View the included objects (check box, see point 1) and the objects that can be added. You can also filter the grid by entering the object name in the Filter input field (2).

diagram items

Removing objects

If you want to delete/remove an object, you can use the Diagram Items modal form or select the object and press the Del key or click the Delete icon on the toolbar.

You can then choose to remove the object from the diagram or delete it from the project.

delete or remove

Changing where tabs are displayed in Moon Modeler

In the Settings section, you can choose whether to display the tabs above or below the diagram.

tabs position

2. Diagram features

  • Diagram specific colors/background colors
  • Objects in each diagram can be formatted differently (color, position, size etc.)
  • Objects alignment and resize
  • Print to PDF

3. Simple line improvements

When Simple line mode is activated, the lines are now clearly visible. Cardinality is also nicely visible. Take a look at the two relationships between the store and staff tables in the Sakila project for MySQL.

simple line mode improvements

4. Collection to document relationships in MongoDB projects

In Moon Modeler version 3, you can now easily model scenarios where a collection is linked to a document in MongoDB projects. In the previous version, you had to add an objectId field. In version 3, you can draw a relationship from the collection to the document and the linked field will be added to the document automatically. Reverse engineering from existing databases supports the same functionality.

mongodb collection to document modeling

5. User interface improvements for better user experience

  • Items added to Main menu (Connections, Settings, My Account)
  • Added support for backspace key for MacOS users – opens the Delete modal form
  • Added support for ESC key on various modal form or confirmation dialogs
  • Added context menu to multi-selection
  • Fix for a bug that could occur when self-relation has been deleted
  • Fix for a bug in projects for SQLite. (Version 3.0.2)

6. New file structure

The newly added support for multiple diagrams in one project required a change in the file structure. We strongly recommend backing up your files before opening them in version 3.0. You will not be able to reopen them in any previous version of Moon Modeler. The file structure will change automatically when the project is saved..

Have a suggestion?

If you have a suggestion, an idea for improvement, or if you find a bug, feel free to email us at info@datensen.com.