What’s new in Moon Modeler version 2.9

A key feature of this release is MySQL database design support. Version 2.9 adds data modeling features, reverse engineering of existing MySQL database structures, SQL/DDL script generation, and other useful features such as export to PDF. In this release, you will find various UI improvements, comments generation, and better troubleshooting options related to reverse engineering.

1. Support for MySQL database modeling

The database modeling includes support for nested JSON structures. Take a look at the image below and compare a classic ER diagram where JSON structures are not visualized and a detailed ER diagram with nested JSON structures.

Hierarchical structures in MysQL ER diagrams

2. Visualization of existing MySQL databases

You can create a new connection to an existing MySQL database, reverse engineer its structure, and view a visual diagram of the database objects.

MySQL connection

3. MongoDB reverse engineering: import from the validator

Reverse engineering of MongoDB database structures has been improved. You can now choose whether to discover the structure from the validator or from the data.

MongoDB import from validation schema

4. MongoDB patterns

In MongoDB projects, you can specify a Pattern property for each field in a collection. See the Pattern switch in the figure below.

Mongodb pattern

5. MongoDB validation on document level

Validation on the document level is now supported.

Mongodb document validation

6. PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite – better support for comments

Generation and reverse engineering of database comments are now better supported. If a schema comment is defined in a PostgreSQL database, its definition is loaded into the BEFORE SCRIPT section of the project properties. Its content will then be included in the generated SQL script. The BEFORE and AFTER script sections are supported across different database platforms.

7. User interface improvements for better user experience

  • The Esc key is supported in most modal dialogs/forms.
  • If reverse engineering fails, a new form will open and you will be able to send us more information about the problem. This will help us improve functionality and fix any issues as soon as possible.
  • Improved error handling when reverse engineering PostgreSQL databases (version 2.9.2).
  • Fixed a bug when generating DEFAULT statements in MySQL and MariaDB scripts (version 2.9.2).
  • Fixed issues with quotes in comments that could not be parsed back (version 2.9.3).
  • Improved handling of JSON structures (version 2.9.3).
  • PostgreSQL – fix for reverse engineering. Relationships from other schemas are skipped (version 2.9.3).
  • PostgreSQL – fixes for various bugs for reverse engineering. (version 2.9.4)
  • MongoDB reverse engineering improvements and optimizations (version 2.9.5)

Have a suggestion?

If you have a suggestion, an idea for improvement, or if you find a bug, feel free to email us at info@datensen.com.