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JSON Schema Editor & Benefits

On this page, we will explain the basic concepts related to JSON schema and introduce the benefits of using JSON schema editors. So let’s start from the beginning.

What is JSON Schema?

JSON schema is used to describe the structure of data as well as to validate data. With JSON Schema, you can ensure that the data is stored only in the form you want it to be.… Read the rest

Perseid Modeler - sample design

What’s new in Perseid Modeler version 1.2

Published: 27.7.2022

We are pleased to introduce the new Perseid Modeler – a modeling tool for JSON Schema and also for designing OpenAPI structures. This is a new product in our portfolio, which complements Moon Modeler. It brings the ability to visually model more complex JSON Schema and OpenAPI structures and create diagrams by importing from a file.… Read the rest