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What’s new in Perseid Modeler version 1.2

Published: 27.7.2022

We are pleased to introduce the new Perseid Modeler – a modeling tool for JSON Schema and also for designing OpenAPI structures. This is a new product in our portfolio, which complements Moon Modeler. It brings the ability to visually model more complex JSON Schema and OpenAPI structures and create diagrams by importing from a file.

Perseid Modeler for JSON Schema and OpenAPI modeling and schema design.

Visit the Perseid Modeler user interface page for more information about the product UI.

Key features

  • visual JSON Schema creation using tree diagram and ERD-like diagrams
  • support for JSON Schema structures including allOf, oneOf, anyOf, not operators
  • support for modeling JSON Schema conditions if, then, else
  • OpenAPI schema creation including specific properties
  • designing relevant OpenAPI objects
  • displaying diagrams including descriptions and important properties
  • importing existing schemas from files
  • searching for objects in structures
  • generating detailed HTML reports
  • export to PDF
  • various options for displaying diagrams and details
  • script generation and more

Quick start guides

JSON Schema OpenAPI

Supplement to Moon Modeler

In our most popular product, Moon Modeler, you can model database structures and define JSON structures to some extent. Moon Modeler allows you to infer nested structures using reverse engineering, however, for for more accurate JSON schema modeling, including e.g. operators (allOf, anyOf, oneOf) or conditions (if, then, else) in a JSON schema, the new Perseid Modeler is the right tool.

Moon Modeler and Meteor Modeler – new releases

We have also released new versions of Meteor Modeler and Moon Modeler. The products contain bug-fixes and minor feature and user interface improvements. For example, a small edit icon that opens a new modal dialog where longer values can be easily entered.

Edit icon

Licensing model

If you purchase a license for any product in our portfolio, you get a perpetual license and a subscription for 12 months. The subscription does not renew automatically, so you can upgrade to a newer version when it contains enough great improvements for you. More information about the licensing model can be found here. If you purchase a multi-year subscription, you can save an interesting amount.

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