What’s new in Moon Modeler version 2.7

1. Support for directives in GraphQL projects and diagrams

Directives for types, inputs, interfaces, unions can be defined in section Specifics.

GraphQL - laravel lighthouse directive for Type

To specify field directives, expand the field properties area by clicking the arrow icon and define directives there.
Tip: If you want to preview the generated code immediately, select tab Script in the right-side panel and open the modal form where you can define field properties comfortably.

Graphql directive

For enums, you can define directives the same way as for Types or Inputs. If you want to specify directives also for the enum values, type the directives directly after each enum value.

Enum directive for Graphql

2. Self-references in GraphQL diagram

To create a self-reference, click the Reference icon on the main toolbar and then click the same type twice. A new line will appear in the diagram and you will see a new field in the type definition.

Graphql self-reference

3. Parent-child layout

For specific schema structures, the parent-child layout can be useful. This is another possibility of how to automatically re-arrange the objects in your diagram.

autolayout parent-child

4. Shortcuts

  • CTRL+Z for UNDO
  • CTRL+S for project save
  • ESC for cancellation of toolbar item selection

5. Others

  • Fixed bug in connection dialog – load databases functionality now preserves the original value
  • Notes editing on MacOS
  • Domain object is now nullable in PostgreSQL projects.
  • Dropdown menu gets hidden after clicking outside the dropdown area
  • Relations can be clicked easily
  • Custom data type can be assigned to an interface and referenced to a type
  • Other minor bug fixes.


If you have a suggestion, an idea for improvement, or if you find a bug, feel free to email us at info@datensen.com.